A Comprehensive Traffic Study including interactive modelling was carried out by Urbanhorizon and Bitzios Consulting, to provide an assessment of the proposed road network changes being planned in the Manly CBD. A copy of their report can be downloaded here pdf format Bitzios Report March 2011 (1.09 MB).  

A significant component of MANLY2015 is the conversion of North and South Steyne between Raglan and Wentworth Streets to a 10 km/h Shared Zone. Council is looking at two different options for this shared zone - either or Option A (one way southbound) or Option B (two-way).

Council has been provided with videoclips of traffic modelling that demonstrate the potential impact of each option. To view the video clips of the interactive traffic modelling that has been produced, simply click on one of the options below.

Please refer to the Latest News tab for any updates relating to the traffic and transport aspects of the Manly2015 Masterplan.

Please use the map to orientate youself to streets shown in the traffic modeling videos below