Current Exhibitions

Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott  

24 Years in Glass: Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott

27 Oct 2016

A survey exhibition of two internationally known glass artists who live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott. This exhibition provides audiences with an opportunity to study the development of their collaborative work over two decades and how their creative journey has unfolded and continues to evolve through their shared passion for the glass medium and their deep technical knowledge.

Ben Rak, Pictures of Scratches 2  

Ben Rak: Pictures of Scratches

27 Oct 2016

In the exhibition 'Pictures of Scratches', Ben Rak takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the media hierarchies of the art world and its fetishisation of the artist’s mark. Scratches, the unintentional by-product of the etching process, are often (ironically) viewed as authentic marks by the artist. The scratch marks are then reproduced in different media in an attempt to determine to what degree their value changes in altered forms.