Current Exhibitions

Rupert Jack, Kaltu Kaltu - thumbnail  

Ceramics Collection 17

29 Mar 2017

The recent renovation to the Lady Askin Ceramics Gallery at MAG&M presented an opportunity to curate a new display titled Collection 17 which is delighting visitors. The new exhibition brings together a diverse selection of vessels and sculptural works drawn from the collection of over 370 ceramic pieces, representing more than 160 Australian artists.

Heart artworks by school students  

Human: Child Artist Response Project

7 Apr 2017

Human: Child Artist Response Project – Exploring the theme Human, this unique project sees children and artists respond directly to each other’s work and exhibit side by side. The show has been developed by visual artist Lilly Blue and dancer/writer Jo Pollitt.

Gabriella Hirst - Still from Force Majeure  

Force Majeure: Gabriella Hirst

7 Apr 2017

A multi-media installation by local artist Gabriella Hirst who filmed herself painting a seascape on the Island of Rügen, Germany in the midst of terrible weather. Her goal is to eliminate the buffer zone between the destructive force and the creative act.

Bernd Heinrich, Spring time, 2016  

Bernd Heinrich: Playground

7 Apr 2017

Heinrich's complex, layered compositions are powerful yet subtle and play with metaphor, memory and poetry. This exhibition of new paintings known as Playground provides a fresh insight into this local artist's practice.