Current Exhibitions

Salvatore Zofrea - Days of Summer series 1  

Wildflowers: Salvatore Zofrea

10 Jul 2017

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their creation and seen for the first time at MAG&M, Zofrea’s series of 40 hand-coloured woodblock prints Days of Summer, will be shown alongside some recent watercolours.

Belinda Fox and Neville French. Photo by Chris Sanders  

Tilt: Belinda Fox & Neville French

10 Jul 2017

An exhibition by collaborators Fox and French of evocative paintings coupled with luminous porcelain vessels which capture the current political environment within an interrelated painted and ceramic aesthetic.

Milan Milojevic - Night and Day 11 and 12  

Aura: Repetition, Reproduction and the Mark of the Artist

10 Jul 2017

New work by 10 Australian artists who use printmaking techniques in their work and who explore the supposed shortcomings of the printed media. By doing so, they amplify the marks of the artist and the perceived ‘aura’ of the works. See wall-based prints, installations, sculpture and video from emerging, mid-career and established artists. Curated by Ben Rak.

BOOK LAUNCH - Rosanna Jurisevic, Large-eared pied bat, Moku Hanga  

Natural Collection Artist Book

16 Jul 2017

The Natural Collection features original prints from 29 different artists of native flora and fauna, including the gang-gang cockatoo and powerful owl and goes on display from Sunday 16 July until 3 September.