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Aura: Repetition, Reproduction and the Mark of the Artist

10 Jul 2017

AURA is an exhibition featuring 10 Australian artists who use printmaking techniques in their work. The unique purpose of this special project is to show the work of artists who conceptually leverage the supposed shortcomings of the printed media (reproduction, repetition, mechanical mediation and indirect mark-making) and by doing so, amplify the marks of the artist and the perceived ‘Aura’ of the works.

This exhibition seeks to build upon the Australia wide celebration of the print media during the 2016 Year of Print celebrations to show that the interest in printmaking is sustained and sustainable in the long term and that artists, galleries and collections remain committed to it as a practice, artform and collectable item.

The selected artists are from different cultural backgrounds, different geographical locations and are at different stages of their careers thereby providing a comprehensive view of what contemporary Australian printmaking is and how it remains relevant in the age of digital reproduction. The exhibition aims to surprise viewers with the versatility of the print medium and to reveal the diversity and ingenuity of the artform.

Aura draws together artists, some of whom have decades-long careers as printmakers, and others whose engagement with it has irrevocably changed the way they work, what they make and how they make it. The work in the exhibition will be a combination of wall-based prints, installation, sculpture and video from emerging, mid-career and established artists.

The participating artists are: Alison Alder (ACT), Anna Kristensen (NSW), Ben Rak (NSW), Erica Seccombe (ACT), Gary Carsley (NSW), Judy Watson (QLD), Michael Kempson (NSW), Milan Milojevic (TAS), Samuel Tupou (QLD) and Tony Curran (ACT).

The exhibition is accompanied by a scholarly publication containing two essays, by Glenn Barkley (former curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia) and by Dr. Timothy Gregory (Lecturer at the University of New South Wales Art & Design), as well as interviews with the exhibiting artists.  The publication is intended to clarify the place of printmaking practice within contemporary art practice in Australia and to elucidate the challenges print practitioners are facing and the solutions they invent.  This publication aims to create discourse on the role of printmaking in the context of multi-disciplinary art practice and to re-establish the ongoing relevance of printmaking and other traditional skills-based practices.

Exhibition dates: 14 Jul – 3 Sep 2017
Exhibition openingFri 21 July 2017, 6 - 8pm 
Artists in Conversation event: Sun 30 July, 3 – 4:30pm, Join the curator and several of the artists ‘in conversation’ about the ideas and work in the exhibition. 

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