Searching for Frank Hurley along our northern beaches

Did you know that Frank Hurley was a very keen gardener and photographer of wild flowers?

The gallery is now reaching out to ask if any long-term residents know of other stories or have information about this famous Australian and his search for plants along the Northern Beaches.

Up till now Frank Hurley has been famous for his exploits in both world wars, for his journeys to the Antarctica, and through his films and photographs. This exhibition presents a wonderful opportunity for the Northern Beaches to claim him back as a local celebrity and as part of the garden history of the area.

If you have any information on Frank Hurley and his life in Collaroy Plateau – or know of anyone else who may be able to assist, please contact Katherine Roberts, Manly Art Gallery & Museum on (02) 9976 1418 or katherine.roberts@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au. 

pdf format Information Call Out Frank Hurley (190.54 KB)


Spirit of the land - Poetry call-out

‘Spirit of the Land’

Submissions are invited on the subject of the ‘Spirit of the Land’, the 3rd in a series of the popular Manly Art Gallery & Museum poetry readings. Twenty poems will be chosen by event curator Les Wicks for live-reading by the authors who will each receive $50.

The Gallery will be hosting an exhibition on the theme LAND (3 November – 3 December)  with selected works by artists who have drawn inspiration from the theme ‘LAND’… as a noun, a verb, a place, an idea, a possibility, a presence, a contested space. Landscape, headland, wasteland, landfill, landmine, landform, landed, etc. The exhibition supports and connects this region’s contemporary artists with the gallery, providing a valuable opportunity to showcase their work and to challenge their art practice through their diverse responses.

Selected poems will have explored this theme. Please advise in which suburb you live.

Submissions to be emailed to meusepress@hotmail.com  by 5pm Fri 29 Sept 2017.

The selected poets will perform their works on Sunday 5 November, 2 - 4pm

Manly Art Gallery & Museum & Museum, West Esplanade Reserve, Manly
At the reading, there will also be an open mic section.
Cost: gold coin donation (refreshments served)
Contactartgallery@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au or 9976 1421


Invitation to be part of the Manly Arts Festival

8 - 24 September 2017

On behalf of the Northern Beaches Council, we invite you to express interest in being part of the 2017 Manly Arts Festival.  Artists, musicians, performers, arts organisations and the community are invited to participate in the festival by running their own events to celebrate the creative activity on the Northern Beaches area.  Venues such as galleries, cafes, restaurants, surf clubs, community centres and other spaces are also invited to host and/or organise arts-related events during the Festival.  This year’s Festival will be held across the Northern Beaches from 8 – 24 September 2017 and will include: 

  • Visual Arts exhibitions and events
  • Music events
  • Literary and theatre events
  • Film events
  • Dance and Performance events
  • Youth events
  • Creative Workshops
  • Children’s events

The Manly Arts Festival is a celebration of the achievements, dedication and innovation of the Northern Beaches creative community.  Local artists are able to participate by organising arts-related events across the Northern Beaches. 

The Manly Arts Festival is created by the community for the community - a two week extravaganza of arts events. Artists and members of the community come together by supporting each other through entrepreneuring and administering arts events, attending arts events, providing venues for artists and organisations and providing sponsorship and in-kind support for the Manly Arts Festival.

The Manly Arts Festival is managed by Rachel Carroll. Rachel wants to hear from all artists and arts/cultural organisations and potential venues interested in running their own events for a highly focussed program throughout the Northern Beaches. If you have any questions about how to be involved or you would like to propose an event or activity, phone Rachel Carroll on - 0466 486 352 and fill out the form attached.






Locus Non Consequensia or ‘Location of no consequence’ is a project that began in the early 2000’s and existed only as a concept and a collection of drawings.  The intention now is to fully realise the original concept.

Locus Non Consequensia is a project designed to honour all places which have no apparent aesthetic or utilitarian value and to consider these places through one representative square metre of ground which will be randomly selected using Google Earth and a random number generator. We live at a time in history where the need to reflect on the fundamental physical reality around us and give time and attention to seemingly unimportant spaces and expand that focus out into the world has never been more important.

On Saturday, 9 September at 2.30pm, as part of the Manly Arts Festival, Manly Art Gallery and Museum will kindly be hosting the inaugural Locus Non Consequensia ‘dedication’ and what will hopefully be the first of an on-going and global project. We are asking prominent and established writers for contributions to participate.   We’re also asking a number of professional singers to perform.  The emphasis will be on voice, spoken or sung.

If this is something you may feel some resonance with and you would like to contribute by reading a few lines of verse or prose either by you or on your behalf at the ‘dedication’ of the randomly nominated square metre we’d love to hear from you.

Your contribution would ideally be between one and three minutes in duration and address the concept of ‘inconsequential spaces’. Contributors will not be advertised or mentioned in any pre-publicity, but a copy of their contributions with attributions will be displayed at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum after the ‘dedication’ and for the duration of the festival.


Locus Non Consequensia ‘dedication’ (scheduled to run for 30-45 minutes)

The event is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

  • The place of the ‘dedication’ will be made available on social media closer to the launch and will held once only during the two weeks of the Manly Arts Festival in September. 
  • There will be no seating.
  • All contributors names will be included on a formalised ‘order of service’.
  • A ‘Book of Witness’ will be available to sign.
  • The project is non-profit and all contributions will be on a voluntary basis.

Please contact us preferably by email if you have any questions or queries and we also invite you to join us on social media to stay in touch with the ‘Locus’ project.

Hadyn Wilson, locusnonconsequensia@gmail.com

Locus Non Consequensia. 2017