SportsFields_KeirleParkWide open spaces, natural resources and an active community.  Sport holds a special place in the life of our local residents.

Northern Beaches Council owns and maintains a number of sporting fields used by clubs, associations, schools, organised groups for sporting activities and passive recreation. There are eight in Manly and its surrounding suburbs.

In the interests of community sports safety and injury prevention, Council has developed the following Sports Safety Guidelines for all users of Council's sporting facilities.

All users of Council sporting facilities need to adhere to the following sports safety requirements. Additionally, users must adhere to the Safety Policies and Guidelines (including Codes of Behaviour) recommended by the governing body for their specific sport.

Contact Person

Please provide Council with the contact details of nominated club representatives at the begining of each season. This person will be responsible for ensuring that the Sports Safety Guidelines are followed the group/club. This person is expected to:

  • Attend (or nominate a proxy to attend) an Induction and Training Workshop at the start of each season
  • Report any significant incidents or injury to Council
  • Be available to liaise with Council about safety and ground/facilities maintenance and management issues as required.

Public Liability Insurance

  • Ensure the user group/club maintains a current Public Liability Insurance Policy for a minimum of $10,000,000.

Safety Inspection

  • These should be of Playing Surface and Facilities
  • Remove minor safety hazards before use
  • Ensure all fittings and fixtures are safe before use
  • Notify Council's Contractor of safety hazards requiring Council attention.

Grounds and facilities must not be used when a sports ground/facility is deemed unsafe to use and/or a safety hazards cannot be iliminated.


  • Comply with Council's wet weather line phone 9976 1699.
  • Suspend or cancel play during adverse weather conditions, including electrical storms and excessively heavy rain.

Emergency Action Plan

  • Ensure access to a telephone at all times.
  • Ensure designated clear and unlocked access for emergency vehicles at all times.
  • Have appropriate strategies for dealing with head and spinal injury.
  • Notify Council of any significant injuries or other incidents.

Child Protection

  • Comply with all relevant Child Protection legislation in NSW.

Additional Recommendations

Users of Council sporting grounds should ensure the following:

  • A fully stocked first aid kit, including ice packs, is on site and available at all times.
  • A qualified first aid provider (with knowledge of CPR) is in attendance at all competitions and training.
  • Referees, umpires, coaches & officials have appropriate and up to date qualifications.
  • Players wear appropriate protective equipment and/or clothing at all competitions and training. This equipment should be properly fitted and comply with relevant standards.
  • Bleeding injuries are promptly and appropriately managed to prevent or minimise the spread of infection.
  • Players complete adequate and appropriate warm-up, stretching and cool-down exercises at all competitions and training.
  • Clean drinking water and individual drink containers are always available.
  • Spectators are adequately separated from the playing area.
  • Relevant medical and injury history information is collected from players at the start of the season and is updated throughout the season. Coaches and officials should be made aware of any players with specific medical or injury conditions (eg. asthma, epilepsy, infection, back injury, etc.)
  • Appropriate action is taken to protect players, spectators and officials from over-exposure to the sun.
  • Appropriate steps are taken to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • People under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to participate in any activity on Council grounds or facilities.


Manly Council conducts occasional audits of user's compliance with these requirements to monitor their implementation. Failure to comply with the minimum requirements may result in the suspension of the users access to grounds and facilities.

Users of Council sporting facilities should be aware of the impact of lighting on local residiednts and ensure lights are switched off when fields are no longer in use.


  • Wet Weather Line 9976 1699
  • Council 9976 1500
  • Council's Contractors Greeh Horticulture Group 9679 2555 or 0434 159 459
  • Manly and Graham's Reserve Green Option mobile 0413 023 751
  • Emergency 000
  • Manly Hospital 9976 9611
  • NSW Department of Sport and Recreation Phone 13 13 02 
  • Sports Medicine Australia
  • Accident Compensation Corporation (NZ Residents only)