Cycling Map LegendCycling as a mode of transport is an easy and healthy way to get around, improve your fitness and incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle.

Council encourages cycling for both short and long trips whether you are a commuter, doing local shopping trips or cycling for exercise and leisure.

Bicycle Routes

The existing on and off road bicycle network in the Manly LGA connects the Manly CBD with destinations such as Seaforth,  Balgowlah, Balgowlah Heights, Warringah and the Spit Bridge.
Manly Council’s bicycle map provides information about existing routes throughout Manly LGA. The map can be used to plan your cycle trip along one of the designated on or off road paths. It also provides information about where main attractors within Manly LGA such as ferry wharf, historic sites and beaches are located. For further information regarding existing bicycle routes, download a copy of the Bike Map

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking is provided at a number of major attractors in the Manly LGA, including within the CBD. Locations of bicycle parking include the Manly Wharf, North and South Steyne Beach, Seaforth Oval, Manly Lagoon, Shelley Beach and North Harbour Reserve. 

A bicycle parking station is located on the ground floor of the Whistler Street car parking station.

This provides cyclists with a convenient and lockable location to store their bicycles. Cyclists using this facility are offered an increased level of security over the existing bicycle racks, as well as the added benefit of getting their bikes out of the weather.

Users are charged an access card fee per bicycle parking space. Conditions apply. 

Please contact Customer Service on ph 9976 1500 or email Council for more information on this service.