Cemetery & Columbarium

The Manly Cemetery is located in the suburb of Balgowlah and is bounded by Griffiths, Hill, Harland and Sprigg Streets.

History of Manly Cemetery - A Local Memorial

Manly Cemetery is heritage listed and the burial sites have either been fully utilised or allocated. More information on the heritage of Manly Cemetery.

Grave Reservations and Interments

If your family have a reserved grave in the Cemetery or a reserve niche in the Columbarium and you wish to arrange an interment please contact Council to confirm the reservation details prior to completing an Application Cemetery Interment Form. 

Application Cemetery Interment Form can be downloaded from our forms page


The Columbarium is located in a Garden of Remembrance at the Cemetery. The memorial walls can provide an alternative resting place for the interment of ashes set with appropriate plaque of memorialisation. 

pdf format 2016 2017 Columbarium Presentation (1.01 MB)