Commercial Dog Walking Permits

Manly Council is introducing Dog Walking Permits for commerical dog walking businesses to better manage competing priorities in some of Manly Council's most popular parks and reserves. The new permit system will help ensure that the local sporting groups and local dog owners get priority access to these areas.

Under the scheme, commercial dog walking businesses will be limited to one designated area, with a maximum of three permits allowed in any one of the Council reserves listed below:

  • Manly Lagoon Reserve
  • Seaforth Oval
  • Tania Park

Commercial Dog Walking Businesses are NOT permitted onto these playing fields when organised matches are in play.

Additionally, commercial dog walking businesses will no longer be able to operate in LM Graham Reserve,  including the dedicated dog exercise area along Balgowlah Road, from 8 September 2015.

The permits will operate from 6am to 8.30pm everyday. Dog walking businesses cannot operate outside of these hours.

Introduction of scheme

Permits can be applied for from 24 August 2015 and will be enforced from 8 September 2015. Council will issue a maximum of three permits per site.  Each permit will be for a period of 12 months.  The permit process and the number of permits issued will be assessed after a period of 12 months.

The fine for using these areas without a permit will be $220.  Fines will also be issued to dog walking businesses using LM Graham Reserve at any time after 8 September 2015.


A maximum of three permits are available for each site.  Future applicants will be put on a waitlist, and a waitlist fee of $35 will apply every twelve (12) months.


The 2015/16 fees and charges for Dog Walking Permits are:

  • Annual Permit: $515
  • Annual Permit Waitlist Fee: $35


Applicants must obtain and maintain public risk and public liability insurance for twenty million dollars ($20,000,000) to Council covering the entire term of the permit.

Applicants on the waiting list must also have this same level of insurance and produce evidence of insurance held currently.

Application process:

Commerical dog walking businesses will need to apply by completing and submitting the application form and a copy of their insurance cover to Manly Council.  The form is available below.  Alternatively you can collect one from Manly Council’s customer service or by phoning 02 9976 1500.

The application form and a copy of current insurance cover can be submitted via email to or in person at Manly Council’s customer service. 

pdf format Commercial Dog Walking Business Permit (180.55 KB)