Community FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Community Development Expenditure.

Q. What is the CDSE?
A. Licensed Clubs that earn over $1 million annually in gaming machine revenue provide funding for community projects and services.  The scheme was introduced in 1998 by the NSW Government and in 2009, clubs reported CDSE expenditure of over $63 million across New South Wales.

Q. Is there a Manly CDSE Local Committee?
A. Yes The CDSE committee for Manly is facilitated by Human Services and Facilities Division of Manly Council.

Q. Which Manly Clubs participate this year?
A. Balgowlah RSL Memorial Club

Q. Where do I send my application?
A. All applications go directly to the participating club.

Q. What is the selection criteria?
A. Preference will be given to local community projects which address local priorities, as identified by Manly Council's Social Plan. The plan involves 7 areas:-

  • Health - Older People and Women, Sexual and Mental Health.
  • Community Information and Support- Accessible and Affordable Community Support and Social Support.
  • Local Amenity and Physical Infrastructure
  • Affordable Housing - Medium Term Housing, Affordable Rental/Purchase and Supported Accommodation.
  • Community Safety and Crime Prevention- Safety in The Corso/Manly CBD and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.
  • Discrimination and Community Relations- Homophobia and Heterosexism, Racism and Religious Discrimination.
  • Entertainment and Recreation- Youth Entertainment/Recreations and Youth with a disability.

Q. Where can I get more information?
A. For further information please contact:

Clubs NSW
Phone (02) 9268 3000