Manly Council adopted Graffiti Management and Graffiti Reward Policies in October 2009 and also resolved to conduct a campaign to raise community awareness about the policies.  

To download Council’s Graffiti Management Policy click on the following link:

Report Graffiti

Manly Council encourages early reporting of graffiti and is calling on the community to report graffiti vandalism as promptly as possible. If you see graffiti report it using the Council's on-line reporting form located: LINK

Graffiti vandalism is against the law and, like any other criminal activity, should be reported to the police.  It should also be reported to the property owner at the earliest opportunity - don’t assume that someone else has or will report it.  Reporting graffiti vandalism to the police will help local police to identify graffiti hot spots.  With regular and consistent reporting of graffiti, the Police and Council will be better able to understand what is happening in Manly and to design effective strategies in response.

To assist the community in active reporting of graffiti vandalism, Manly Council has developed a  Report Graffiti Flyer which provides a range of contact numbers to report graffiti as soon as it is noticed. You can also report graffiti by using the new council form:

Contact numbers for reporting graffiti

Private Property

Report graffiti on your PRIVATE PROPERTY to the Police Assistance Line on 13 14 44.

This service operates from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. The Hotline will receive calls about graffiti in NSW and refer via email the recorded incident information to the relevant State Government Agency or Council. Callers to the NSW Graffiti Hotline will be provided with an incident reference number that will be included in the email notification your organisation will receive.

Council property, other private property and bus shelters

Report graffiti on COUNCIL PROPERTY, OTHER PRIVATE PROPERTY AND BUS SHELTERS in the Manly LGA to the Graffiti Hotline on (02) 9976 1633 or through our ‘online services’ ‘service request’ on Council’s homepage.

Report graffiti on OTHER PROPERTY:

  • Telstra                   180 22 44
  • Energy Australia     13 15 35
  • Australia Post         13 13 18
  • Major RTA roads     13 17 00

If you WITNESS a graffiti offence occurring, call MANLY POLICE immediately on (02) 9976 8099. 

Graffiti Information Resources

As part of the community awareness campaign, Council has also developed a range of information sheets:

Below are some fact sheets courtesy of the NSW Attorney General's Department which provide information on prevention, removal and design.

Manly Council Graffiti Reward

Manly Council adopted the Graffiti Reward Policy in October 2009:

pdf format Manly Council Graffiti Reward Policy (90.53 KB)

If you believe you have witnessed and reported to Police a graffiti offence in the Manly LGA on Council owned and managed property which might be eligible for Council’s reward scheme, click on the following FAQ information sheet, and the claim form for more information:

Further information

NSW Attorney General's Department's Crime Prevention Division host as website on graffiti with useful factsheets and reports on the issue:

The Graffiti Control Act 2008 was passed by the NSW Parliament and has commenced this year. A copy of the Graffiti Control Act can be found at

Graffiti Removal Kits

Graffiti Removal Kits are now available at Manly Council’s Customer Service Counter.

Council is now able to offer for sale to residents and businesses a choice of two graffiti removal kits from So Safe Specialty Products for $40.00 (inc GST)

SoSafe Green - Multipurpose graffiti remover for sensitive surfaces i.e. Ideal to remove graffiti, posters and gum from a broad range of surfaces including painted surfaces, plastics, bricks, powder coated surfaces, and many other surfaces

SoSafe Blue - Multipurpose heavy duty graffiti remover for non-sensitive surfaces i.e. Concrete, Bricks, blocks, sheet metal.


If you have any further questions regarding graffiti please contact Manly Council’s Community Safety Co-ordinator on 9976-1567.