Volunteers play a vital component in Manly's social, environmental and cultural well-being.

Many Council delivered services depend on volunteers and would not be able to operate without the commitment of people dedicating their time, energy and knowledge.  Without the continued efforts of volunteers Manly would be a different place.

Manly Council has a diverse volunteering program aimed at engendering community involvement. Volunteerism is an important part of our fabric.

Why Volunteer

As well as making a difference to the lives of others, volunteering allows people to develop skills, create new social networks, meet like minded people and be actively engaged in the community. Volunteering empowers individuals, enhances organisations and strengthens communities.

What Volunteers Do

Volunteers dedicate their time in an unpaid capacity to an organisation within an allocated voluntary role. It is not a substitute for paid work within an organisation but aimed to enhance the services offered by not-for-profit or governmental organisations. Volunteers are involved in a variety of roles at Manly Council, ranging from computer tutoring to tree planting and assisting with events.


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More Information

For more information about volunteering in Manly,  contact  the Volunteer Coordinator by phone on (02) 9976 1556  or via email at