Council’s Shared Vision Statement has been developed by Councillors, Community Representatives and members of Council staff.

Manly Vision

“Manly – where natural environment and heritage sustain and complement a vibrant cosmopolitan and community lifestyle.”
This vision arose as a result of a workshop with the Council and senior management held in February 2009 and updates the previous community vision. A vision is important as it ensures decisions are made with a long-term, strategic focus. Without a clear vision it is more likely that decisions are made without a clear sense of purpose.

Manly Council Mission

The Organisation’s Mission is to ensure:

  • Good governance with an emphasis on transparent decision making and fiscal prudence
  • A responsive range of programs, services and facilities meeting community needs
  • A service delivery model that is sustainable, equitable and accessible
  • Clear and specific future works and services programs and planning which deliver on intergenerational equity principles
  • Community engagement to ascertain views and aspirations of the local area through innovative feedback strategies, partnerships and precincts
  • A skilled, motivated and accountable workforce empowered to make decisions
  • Custodianship of the indigenous, cultural, natural and built environment on behalf of Manly’s future generations
  • A commitment to quality management and business excellence principles with a focus on best value outcomes for the community, visitors and local economy.

Manly Council Values

The way we work and serve the Manly community is guided by a culture that is stated in Council’s Workforce Plan with the following values:

  • One Team – We work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Respect – We treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • Communication – We listen, share, respond, engage and collaborate.
  • Leadership – We lead by example.
  • Accountability – we work with integrity and take ownership of our actions and outcomes.
  • Safety – We work safe, think safe and keep others safe.
  • Sustainability – We respect and protect our natural environment.