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  Designated Parking Permits - Register Online Before 31 January 2014


Who is entitled to Designated Parking Permit?

  • Each rateable property in the Manly area is entitled to 2 designated parking permits.
  • Additional permits are able to be purchased for $455.

Are tenants and property owners eligible to apply?

  • Tenants and property owners should discuss who will gain the use of the 2 designated parking permits for the rateable property. (This is to make the system fair for both tenants and property owners).

How to apply?

The quickest and easiest way is to apply online in five easy steps via Online Services   (If you don't have access to a computer, application forms are available at Manly Council Customer Service.)

What information do I need on hand to apply?

You will need to have the following paperwork on hand to apply: 

  • Property owners – rates notice and vehicle registration plate(s).
  • Tenants – current tenancy agreement (lease), OR current utility bill OR current vehicle registration papers, and vehicle registration plate(s), showing your Manly local government area address.

When does the new system start?

  • The new system begins 1 February 2014, register before 31 January 2014.
  • The new digital system replaces the old vehicle windscreen stickers.

What happens if I haven't applied by 31 January 2014?

  • If you still have a 2013 parking permit sticker on your car you may receive a polite (reminder) notice on your windscreen up until 30 June 2014.
  • Designated parking permit restrictions still apply (E.g. 2 hours free on the beachfront).

Where is my digital designated parking permit valid?

  • For 2 hours free in the parking meter bays along North and South Steyne, Manly Beachfront.
  • For free in the Battle Boulevard, Clontarf Reserve and Shelly Beach Reserve metered car parks.
  • For 4 hours in non metered 2 hour residential zones. (E.g. park for 4 hours in the "2P Authorised Residents Vehicles Excepted – Area (Zone Name)" or "2P Permit Holders Excepted" or “2P Everyday Authorised Residents Vehicles Excepted” on-street parking).   

How long can I park at Manly beachfront?

  • For 2 hours free in the parking metre bays along North and South Steyne, Manly.
  • Enter your vehicle registration (number plate) into the ticket machine bays to receive a free two hour ticket to display on your dashboard. 
  • You can use your total of 2 hours per day in 15 minute increments throughout the day. (Simply select the time you require in the ticket machine and display your ticket). 

Can I park overnight at Manly beachfront if I have a Digital Designated Parking Permit? 

  • Yes. Designated parking permit holders can enter their registration plates and receive a ticket at Manly beachfront after 7pm that is valid until 8am the next morning. 
  • Display your ticket on your dashboard to avoid infringement. 

Do I have to renew my permit annually? 

  • Yes. Resident ratepayers and tenants should apply to renew your permits online annually. 
  • If you have registered online, a reminder email will be sent to your registered email address to remind you to renew your permits annually.
  • To renew your permits you can apply online via the Online Services portal. 

What if my number plates change? 

  • If you purchase a new vehicle or transfer registration plates, you will need to update your vehicle registration plates online in the digital designated parking permit system.  

What if I change address or move? 

  • If you are changing address within Manly you will need to update your details online via the digital designated parking permit sytem. 
  • If you are moving to live outside the Manly Local Government Area, please notify Council so your permits can be deactivated.

Terms & Conditions of Use

pdf format Terms and Conditions of Use Digital Parking Permits (61.77 KB)

More Information

For further information please telephone Council’s Customer Service Centre 1 Belgrave Street, Manly on ph 9976 1500, fax 9976 1400 or email

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