Little Manly

Little Manly Permit Parking Area

Permits are valid for a twelve month period commencing 1 February and expiring 31 January

Council is operating a Permit Parking Scheme in the area. The Scheme allows vehicles displaying a valid permit to park without time restrictions in a street in this Area with “Little Manly Permit Holder Excepted” or “Little Manly Authorised Residents Vehicles Excepted” sign. 

Who can apply?

An Information Sheet with further information on this Scheme is available for download.

The resident, either the owner or the tenant of a rateable property within the Scheme is entitled to apply for up to three (3) vehicle parking permits and one (1) trailer permit.   Additional permits are only granted in exceptional circumstances by written application to the General Manager.  Residents in the streets of all Permit Parking Areas may apply for a trailer permit to enable them to park registered trailers (ie trailers towed behind a vehicle eg boat trailers, box trailers and caravans etc) for an unrestricted time. Trailers are to have the permit displayed permanently - like their registration.  Council does not supply trailer permit holders.

To apply

To apply for a permit/s, complete the Little Manly Permit Parking Application Form and return it to Council, together with your payment and proof of your residency in the Area of the Scheme (see Application Form for details).

Permit fees

Please refer to the Manly Council Fees and Charges

 Fees & Charges 2014-15

Where to park

Vehicles or trailers displaying a valid permit may park without time restriction only in the streets signposted “2P Little ManlyPermit Holders Excepted” or “Authorised Residents Vehicles Excepted” within the Little Manly permit parking area.  These permits are not valid in any other on-street parking areas and are not valid in the Manly Council parking meters.  Vehicles not displaying a valid Little Manly parking permit must obey the time limits on the parking signs.

Display of Permits


To be valid, all permits must be displayed in a Manly Council permit holder.  Vehicles displaying expired permits or permits from outside the permit area will not be exempt from the sign-posted time restrictions.

 Hanging Holder (No longer sold by Council) 

When parked, place the valid permit in the holder so that the Council logo and permit area details are facing forward.  Hang the holder from the interior, rear vision mirror, facing forward and outward.  Ensure the permit details are visible through your windscreen from outside the vehicle.  Always remove the holder from the rear vision mirror whilst driving.

 Adhesive and Suction Cap Permit Holders

Either peel off adhesive strips or press suction caps to adhere holder to lower passenger side of vehicle windscreen, near dashboard.  Slip valid permit into the pocket in the holder.  Ensure the Council logo and permit area details on the permit are facing forward and are visible through the windscreen from outside the vehicle.  Permits can be removed from the holder when required, leaving the holder in place.  These permit holders are sold by Council.


The trailer’s RMS current Certificate of Registration at the property address must be supplied with the permit application.  Trailer permits must be permanently affixed to the registered trailer in a suitable holder.  Trailers displaying expired permits or permits from outside the permit area will not be exempt from the sign-posted time restrictions