Options available for paying council rates.

Council rates and charges are levied for services and due for payment in full on or before 31st August or in instalments due:

  • 31st August
  • 30th November
  • 28th February
  • 31st May

For added convenience, council has provided are a number of flexible options for payment. These include:

  • in person
  • online
  • Australia Post - Billpay Code: 0528
  • Bpay - Biller Code: 5629

A credit card service fee of 1.5%, inclusive of GST, is charged on all credit card transactions.


Online eService payment allows your rates to be paid securely and conveniently.  Follow the link below and select rates payment option from the menu on Council's home page.

In Person

Rate payments can be made in person at the Manly Council Customer Service Centre. Payments may be made by cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm, public holidays excluded.

Australia Post

Rates made be paid over the counter at any Australia Post office. The notice must be presented intact. Phone 13 18 16 or go to postbillpay.com.au and quote the Billpay Code and Reference Number located on the front of the notice.  Payments can be made by Mastercard, VISA or Americal Express.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit allows your rates to be paid automatically from your bank, building society, or credit union account on the due date. Council will send a notice to you before each installment as a reminder for you to check that your account has sufficient funds to cover the payment. On the due date of each installment, Council will request your financial institution to automatically debit your account with the amount due. Failure to have sufficient funds to cover the transaction may result in you incurring a dishonour fee.

Most financial institutions do not charge for their direct debit service and accept debits on most accounts. However, we suggest you check with your financial institution on both of these matters.

If you wish to participate in the Direct Debit System you will need to complete an authority form. Return the signed and completed form, together with the detachable deposit slip portion of your rate notice, to Manly Council AT LEAST FOURWEEKS prior to the installment due date. If you are already utilising Council's Direct Debit System, there is no need to complete another form. Council has your details on record and will continue to debit your account unless notified in writing. You may withdraw from the Direct Debit System at any time. Please deliver the signed authority to:

Manly Council

PO Box 82

Manly 1655

By mail

Another efficient payment option is our Mail Payment Processing arrangement. Simply include your cheque with the detachable deposit slip portion of your rate notice (please avoid pinning or stapling the cheque to the deposit slip) in the re-usable self-addressed envelope and mail it to our processing address:

Manly Council
Locked Bag No. W111

Sydney NSW 1292.

This facility is for the processing of rate payments only. Any other correspondence should continue to be posted to Council's postal address recorded on the front of the rate notice. By selecting this payment option, for the cost of a postage stamp you will avoid bank queues.


Utilising the telephone banking facility, BPAY allows you to pay your rates by telephone. Prior to making a payment using this facility for the first time, you must register as a telephone-banking customer with your financial institution.

Contact telephone numbers of participating financial institutions can be found at:  http://www.bpay.com.au

Your BPAY customer reference number and Council's BPAY biller code are recorded on the detachable deposit slip section of your rate notice.

This facility is only available for payments made from savings and cheque accounts.