Dog Off-Leash Areas

Dogs are allowed on a leash in the following areas under the effective control of a competent person.

On leash areas

  • Clontarf Reserve between the hours of 10am and 6pm (eastern standard time) and 10am and 8pm eastern summer time) on weekends, school holidays and public holidays
  • North and South Steyne Reserve between Shelly Beach and Queenscliff Surf Club including Marine Parade Reserve and Merrett Park
  • Shelly Beach Headland and Shelly Beach Reserve above the access road
  • Gilbert Park
  • Little Manly Point Park
  • West Esplanade Park.

Off leash areas

You can let your dog off the leash in most of Council's reserves. Here's a list of ideal places where you CAN exercise your dog off the leash:

You must still ensure your dog is under control,doesn't annoy or attack anybody or animals and you must clean up after it. Also you must keep your dog 10 metres away from children's play areas, BBQ's and picnic areas. 

Dog Prohibition Zone 

To protect wildlife, Manly Council has declared that dogs are prohibited, whether or not they are leashed or otherwise controlled, in the following areas as shown in the below map:

This area is declared a Wildlife Protection Area for the protection of Little Penguins. Predation by dogs has been identified as a key threat to the survival of the endangered population of Little Penguins in Manly. For more information regarding Little Penguins please see, Little Penguin information page.

Notices regarding the prohibition are to be displayed at reasonable intervals in the above areas. For more information about the Dog prohibition Zone visit here:

Dogs not permitted

  • on any beaches or in swimming enclosures
  • Manly Peace Park wildlife protection area
  • Federation Point Wildlife Protection Area
  • Council's reserve, Spring Cove
  • Manly Oval
  • in any national park.

So know the regulations and do the right thing or face an on-the spot fine.

For more information

Please contact Manly Council's Rangers on (02) 9976 1633.