Manly has a rich diversity of natural landscapes.

These natural landscapes are protected in around 55 hecatares of bushland reserves, ranging in size from Wellings Reserve (7 hectares) to Fisher and Geddes which is about the size of an average house block. 

Manly’s bushland contains a variety of vegetation types, supporting a wide diversity of native plants, mammals, birds and reptiles. Over 63 species of native birds and 7 native mammal species have been recorded in the bushland around Manly, including echidnas and an endangered community of Long-nosed Bandicoots. 

Manly's bushland is a valuable resource, providing residents and visitors with:  

  • areas for recreational use
  • a better urban environment in which to live
  • habitat for native birds and animals
  • preservation of native flora
  • an educational resource 

Bushland under threat

Nearly 90% of Manly’s natural environment has been degraded to some extent due to human activities (Manly Council 1997). The impacts of urban development can tip the balance - native vegetation is gradually replaced by weeds, resulting in a loss of biodiversity. 

Some of the impacts and causes of degradation in urban bushland are: 

  • increased levels of high nutrient stormwater runoff entering bushland, creating ideal conditions for weed growth
  • dumped garden refuse and rubbish.
  • altered fire regimes - some native plants rely on fire for regeneration
  • urban encroachment on reserves
  • the impact of domestic pets on flora and fauna
  • poisoning trees for views
  • The fragmentation of natural bushland areas in Manly has reduced the viability of habitat in many bushland reserves to support populations of native fauna. 

Bush Regeneration – Turning back the tide!

Bush regeneration is the rehabilitation of bushland from a weed infested or otherwise degraded plant community to a healthy community comprised of indigenous plants. 

Council has an active bush regeneration programme, working to protect and restore Manly's valuable urban bushland assisted by community bushcare volunteers

Brochures available from Council

  • Manly Coastal Native Plant Guide
  • Burnt Bridge Creek Native Plant Guide
  • Manly Council Bushcare Schedule
  • Be a Bush Friendly Neighbour
  • Stop the Spread - Noxious Weed Brochure
  • Noxious Weeds - a threat to our environment

What you can do to help our local bushland

  • join your local bushcare group
  • remove noxious weeds and other environmental weeds from your garden
  • replace unwanted plants with locally indigenous native plant species or non-invasive exotics
  • never dump garden cuttings or lawn clippings in bushland
  • unlike garden plants, most bush plants don't like the extra nutrients contained in this green waste, they encourage weed growth and grass clippings usually contain weed seed.
  • compost garden clippings at home or place on kerb for monthly green waste collection
  • reduce your impact on bushland reserves, Be a Bush Friendly Neighbour