Climate Change Community Programs

ClimateChange_3There are a number of climate change programs available designed to help rebate residents some of the costs for making positive climate change contributions.

These programe are Federal, State and Local government initiatives and are available for households, businesses and schools.

Australian Government Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme
This new Scheme is available to help eligible home-owners, landlords or tenants to replace their electric storage hot water systems with solar or heat pump hot water systems. Eligible households can claim a rebate of $1,000 for a solar hot water system or $600 for a heat pump hot water system.

For more information phone (02) 6274 1663.

NSW Government Solar Hot Water Rebate
A $300 rebate is available for new gas hot water systems with a 5 star or higher energy rating or a solar or heat pump hot water system eligible for at least 20 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) under the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) which replace an electric system. RECs are an electronic form of currency established to promote renewable energy generation. Your hot water system supplier will be able to provide more information about RECs. For more information phone 1300 361 967.         
Renewable Energy For Households, Community Groups & Small Business
Australian Government Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
The purchase of a Small Generation Unit (SGU); small-scale solar photovoltaic panels, wind or hydro electricity systems may entitle you to RECs issued by the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator. These certificates can then be sold and transferred to liable parties on a market based online system called the REC Registry. For more information phone (02) 6159 7700.

NSW Government Solar Bonus Scheme
The Solar Bonus Scheme - the most generous in Australia - will pay 60 cents per kilowatt hour for all the electricity produced by an eligible renewable energy system ( rooftop solar panels or small wind turbines up to 10 kilowatts in size) . It is available to small electricity customers, including households and some small businesses, schools and community organizations with new and existing eligible renewable power connections.  For more information phone 1300 136 888.

Australian Government Green Loans Program
A qualified assessor will visit your home and advise you on the best actions to reduce your energy and water use, to increase the comfort of your home, and help you save money on your bills. After your assessment, you will receive a tailored home sustainability assessment report recommending the best water and energy saving changes you can make to your property and includes practical information to help you get started. For more information phone 1800 895 076.

Australian Government Household Rainwater or Greywater Rebates
This rebate offers households up to $500 towards either the purchase and installation of a new rainwater tank which is connected for internal reuse of the water for toilet and/or laundry use or alternatively the purchase and installation of a permanent greywater treatment system. For more information phone (02) 6274 1111.
NSW Government Rainwater Tanks Rebate
This rebate is available for the installation of any new rainwater storage system in residential properties in NSW. Rebates vary up to $1500 depending on factors such as whether the rainwater tank is connected to washing machines and toilets. The tank(s) must be purchased in full and installed by 30 June 2011. For more information phone 1300 361 967.
Sydney Water Hot Water Circulator Rebate
Instantaneous gas hot water systems can waste up to 17,000 litres of water in the average home each year. This rebate provides $150 cash back for the installation of a hot water circulator to recover wasted water by sending it back into the system to be reheated or used later. For more information phone 13 20 92. 
Sydney Water Dual Flush Toilet Rebate
A rebate of $200 is available to households to replace their single flush toilet with a dual flush toilet that has a 4 star or higher water efficiency rating. For more information phone 13 20 92.

Sydney Water Toilet Replacement Service
Sydney Water will replace your single-flush toilet with a 4-star dual-flush toilet. Save up to 25,000 litres a year and $370 on the price of the toilet and installation. For more information phone 13 20 92.

Sydney Water Free Water Saving Kits
Register online for your free water saving kit and you could save around nine buckets of water a day and up to $60 a year. For more information phone 13 20 92.

Sydney Water to WaterFix your Home                                                                                                                                     
From just $22 you get up to $180 worth of plumbing services. A qualified plumber will visit your home to install water saving devices, including a water efficient showerhead. You can save up to $79 in water and energy costs each year. For more information phone 1800 995 886.


Australian Government’s National Solar Schools Program

Grants of up to $50 000 (GST exclusive) are available to install solar and other renewable power systems, solar hot water systems, rainwater tanks and a range of energy efficiency measures. The program has been suspended until early in the 2010-11 financial year. For more information phone 1800 703 831.

NSW Government Schools Energy Efficiency Program
This program provides $20 million to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from NSW public high schools. For more information phone the Environment Line on 1300 361 967.


NSW Government Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program

Up to 50% of the total cost (inc. GST) of supply and installation of energy efficiency measures and improvements is available to small businesses. A maximum rebate of $2000 is available to businesses with electricity bills of less than $5,000 and up to $5,000 is available to businesses with electricity bills of between $5,000 to $20,000 a year. Installations may include skylights, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, electric motors, boilers, insulation, air compressors and commercial refrigeration. For more information phone the Environment Line on 1300 361 967.

Other rebates

Fridge Buyback Scheme
This program is supported by the NSW government’s Climate Change Fund and Local Councils and removes and recycles energy guzzling second fridges from your home. Eligibility criteria apply but you could be paid $35 for your old fridge and could save up to $200 per year on energy bills. For more information phone the Environment Line on 1800 708 401.


Carpooling involves two or more people using a common vehicle to share a ride together.  Motor vehicles are a major contributor to air pollution.  In 2005, the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory stated the transport sector produced 14% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Every litre of petrol saved reduces 2.4kg of carbon dioxide emissions from your tailpipe. Add two people to your car and you save 4.8kg

This information on carpooling is provided for information purposes only.

Filtered Water Bubbler Project

The Filtered Bubbler Project aims to reduce bottled water’s impact on our environment and help combat climate change. Manly Council has installed six wheelchair accessible filtered bubblers on Manly Corso and on Manly beachfront.  The bubblers provide Manly visitors with free filtered water - a much better alternative to purchasing bottled water. Irresponsible disposal also takes the form of litter which detracts from Manly’s natural aesthetic beauty and impacts negatively on habitats and waterways.

Complementing this project is Council’s resolution to cease the purchase of single serve bottles of water within its organisations on environmental grounds.

Power Saving Lighting at Manly Oval

On the 26th February 2010 Manly Council celebrated the installation of state of the art energy efficient floodlighting at Manly Council. The floodlighting is a first for Manly giving sports and community groups the opportunity light night events using less energy. Manly Council and the NSW government Climate Change fund have contributed to the project.  The NSW Climate Change Fund has provided funding of $154,000 towards  the installation of state of the art power saving floodlighting at Manly Oval to improve both the quality and efficiency of night time lighting. The total project cost will be around $340,000. Manly Oval hosts many sports and community events and currently needs to bring in temporary lighting to hold events after dark. The new energy efficient floodlights will provide enough lighting coverage, while improving the focus of the lights on the playing fields rather than surrounding areas. The project will save around 17 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year - that's 340,000 black balloons. A new picket fence has been installed to bring the Oval back to its Village Green look, the white pickets and bollards are made from recycled plastic bottles. For more information on this project please contact Council’s Parks Manager on (02) 9976 1618.