Council's Response to Climate Change

Council developed a “Manly Sustainability Strategy” in 2006. This Strategy provides overarching guidance for climate change adaptation and mitigation within the Manly LGA.  

Mitigation & Adaptation

Climate Change Actions for Manly LGA (Cardno Report) – September 08

The report done by Cardno was produced for Council to identify and map preliminary predictions of specific climate change impacts Manly with respect to sea level rise, catchment flooding and oceanic inundation. Specific mitigation measures and preventative/adaption measures were proposed and a prioritised action list prepared. The report was developed to inform a proposal to the community to support a Climate Change Levy, however the imposition of such a levy was rejected by a majority at the September 2008 Council elections. The report has been beneficial to further inform the Council’s mitigation and adaptation approaches. 

In 2009, Council established a Voluntary Climate Change Fund and has embarked on various other initiatives to address the likely impacts of climate change for Council and the community (link to Community Climate Change Programs page), which aim to incorporate key outcomes from the Cardno Report. 

Important Notice

The report is released in the public interest by Manly Council. By accessing the document, you acknowledge that its contents are provided by the Council in good faith (pdf format Climate Change actions for Manly LGA (8.31 MB)) and that the analysis contained in the report is qualifiedby the qualifications listed in the document. 

Mapping & Responding to Coastal Inundation Project

Sydney Coastal Councils Group & CSIRO

This Project, a partnership between the SCCG and CSIRO, mapped areas of Sydney at risk to sea level rise with high-tech modelling incorporating Councils’ LiDAR data. The project provides SCCG Member Councils (including Manly Council) with the science, planning guidance and community awareness-raising materials necessary to effectively incorporate sea level rise and extreme sea level modelling into planning and mangement systems. The project was launched on 4 October 2012.  


Carbon Emissions Reduction Project 

Council has commenced a Carbon Emissions Reduction Project to meet Council’s target of 25% emission reduction from the 2008/09 level by 2020. Council is determined to achieve further reductions if possible. This involves calculation of Council’s carbon footprint (independently verified), development of a Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan which will identify measures/actions in order for Council to meet its emissions reduction target and the development of a carbon management tool to monitor, track and report on progress towards the emissions target. Council is also undertaking a similar community component in consultation with the community which will involve calculation of the community carbon footprint, development of a Manly Community Carbon Action Plan and community carbon management tool. 

The Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan will replace the 2001 Manly Local Air Quality and Greenhouse Action Plan (pdf format air_quality_02.pdf (747.65 KB)) and Council’s previous mitigation response through the Cities for Climate Protection Plus Program (see below). 

Cities for Climate Protection Plus

Council was involved in the Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Program from 1998 and the CCP Plus Program from  2006 until 2009.  The CCP Program was delivered by the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) in collaboration with and funded by the Australian Government until July 2009. The Program aimed to help local governments and their communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the environment. Manly Council was the second Council in the State to complete all 5 Milestones of the CCP program and move on to CCP Plus, the advanced programme. 

Through this program Manly Council has undertaken several greenhouse projects including education programs, energy efficient lighting and retrofits of public amenities (including the beachfront and several sports fields), installation of a solar hot water at our Swim Centre and energy efficient equipment in our offices. 


Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Project 

Council has completed a “Manly LGA Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Action Plan” Project under the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change’s Local Adaptation Pathways Program (LAPP). Council is building on the outcomes of this project in order to develop a more comprehensive Adaptation Action Plan for Manly LGA which will provide a strategic approach to climate change risk management and adaptation for Manly Council and the community and will incorporate elements of the Cardno report. 


Council’s Coastline Management Plans also incorporate responses to climate change impacts. The hazards examined within Coastline Hazard Definition Studies correlate with those set out in the NSW Government's Coastline Management Manual (1990) and include beach erosion, shoreline recession, sand drift, coastal inundation, stormwater erosion, slope and cliff instability and climate change. 

See Coastline Management Plans