Marine and Coastal

Managing the coastal zone

No part of Manly is more than 1km from either the Harbour or the ocean. The Manly Local Government Area has a boundary 39.4km, of which approximately 75% is a water margin.

This makes managing the coastal zone a major priority. This involves Council in guiding and regulating land development processes, providing local services and managing public land.

Councils also play an important role in involving the community in local planning and management.

Strong community involvement is critical to the resolution of many coastal issues and to meeting community expectations regarding the management of the coastal zone.

To manage its coastal beach and foreshore locations in a holistic and sustainable manner Council has adopted a strategic approach to coastal zone management, which aims to enhance the human experience whilst minimising environmental impact. Examples of which can be seen in the locations below:-

Mapping & Responding to Coastal Inundation Project 

Sydney Coastal Councils Group (SCCG) & CSIRO 


This Project, a partnership between the SCCG and CSIRO, mapped areas of Sydney at risk to sea level rise with high-tech modelling incorporating Councils’ LiDAR data.


The project provides SCCG Member Councils (including Manly Council) with the science, planning guidance and community awareness-raising materials necessary to effectively incorporate sea level rise and extreme sea level modelling into planning and mangement systems. 


Stage 1 Report – Technical Report on the Modelling and Mapping of Coastal Inundation Under Sea Level Rise


Stage 2 Report– Incorporating Coastal Inundation and Seal Level Rise into Local and Regional Planning Responses


Stage 3 Report-  Supporting Local Government to Communicate Sea Level Rise


The project was launched on 4 October 2012. For more information, please visit the Sydney Coastal Councils Group project page