Audits, Fees, Inspections & Notices

The public health of Manly residents is of paramount importance to Council.

In the interests of public health Council carries out inspections and audits, charges fees and issues notices on business and industry.

This is done under the Local Government Act (NSW) 1993.


Council conducts co-operative voluntary reviews of industrial and commercial premises primarily to ensure compliance with environmental legislation and to prevent pollution. The focus is not to penalise industry up-front where problems are identified, rather to encourage industry to participate by providing resources, assistance and support in improving practices to achieve compliance within reasonable time frames. Businesses and industries not participating may also be subject to a compliance audit under the legislation.

For more information about audits for your business contact Coordinator of Environmental Health by phone on (02) 9976 1500.


In the case of Environmental Health inspections, fees were introduced in 1993 to contribute to the costs of inspection, administration, education and compliance services.

A fee is charged for Inspection of food premises (high, medium and low risk); hairdressing; beauty and skin penetration (tattooing, electrolysis & acupuncture) premises; tobacco retailers; air conditioning cooling towers and boarding houses/hostels.

A re-inspection fee may also be charged if a non-compliant premises requires more than the required number of inspections in one year. Each year, fees are placed on public exhibition for comment.

Each year, fees are placed on public exhibition for comment.


From time to time, Council carries out inspections to ensure business and industry is complying with guidelines and regulations.

The current fees and charges are detailed in Council's Management Plan. Failure to pay fees may result in the debt being referred to a debt collection agency and details may be forwarded to credit authorities in the event of non-payment.


Council has authority to issue environment protection notices. These are issued to individuals or companies where pollution has occurred, is occurring or is likely to occur.

  • Clean Up Notice – issued when an incident has occurred or is occurring
  • Pollution Prevention Notice – issued if a pollution incident is occurring or is likely to occur
  • Noise Control Notice – may restrict the times of operating some noisy equipment
  • Compliance Cost Notice – issued by Council to recover the costs of cleaning up someone else’s pollution or to recover costs involved with monitoring compliance with Clean Up or Prevention Notices.

Notice Fees

A fee, in accordance with the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2009, is charged by all NSW Councils or the EPA when Clean-Up or Prevention Notices are issued. Failing to comply with a Notice is an offence and on the spot fines up to $750 for a person or $1,500 for a corporation can be issued. Individuals or companies can also be prosecuted for failing to comply, with maximum fines up to $120,000 for a person or $250,000 for a corporation.

Further Information

For information about Audits, fees, inspections and notices, contact the Environmental Health Section on (02) 9976 1500, during office hours, or via email.