Pests Rodents

Council often receives complaints and enquiries regarding pests, especially in relation to vermin, rats, mice and cockroaches.

If you are having vermin problems on your property, Council recommends you engage a licenced pest controller to check your premises and give qualified advice.

Ensuring sources of food and shelter are restricted will also help prevent and control vermin in your home or business. This means sealing up cracks and crevices in walls and floors, cleaning the kitchen after food preparation and not leaving food scraps or garbage lying around.

In the yard, you should regularly clear out undergrowth and cut down overgrown vegetation. Compost heaps must be regularly turned to prevent attracting rats and mice.

If the source of pests is a neighbouring property, Council is able to approach the property owner or resident and provide advice. In serious cases Council can issue an Order to have premises treated for pests. 

Further information:

Phone the Environmental Health Section on (02) 9976 1500.