Smoke Free Zones

Manly Council is committed to addressing both the health and environmental issues associated with smoking. Manly has taken a leading role in the Smoke Free Zone campaign in NSW helping to create cleaner, healthier and happier spaces for people to live and visit. 

Smoking is banned in Manly in the following areas:

  • Within 10 (ten) metres of all children’s playgrounds;
  • Around all Council playing fields, sporting grounds and at outdoor sporting facilities;
  • On all land used for alfresco dining (alternatively lease conditions may be used);
  • At all events run or sponsored by Council;
  • Within 10 (ten) metres of Council owned building entrances as well as those managed by Council (including balconies and coveredareas of those buildings);
  • At all ocean and harbour beaches;
  • In all bushland, parks, reserves and public plazas;
  • In all enclosed Council car parks;
  • At all covered bus stops and taxi ranks.

Council Policy

The purpose of Manly Council in banning smoking in various Council areas is to:

  • Improve the health of community members;
  • Improve public amenity and maintenance of Council property;
  • Raise community awareness of the issues associated with smoking;
  • Provide community leadership in taking measures to protect the health and social wellbeing of the community;
  • Minimise cigarette butt pollution on Council owned beaches, waterways, parks and other open space areas.

pdf format Cafes and Restaurants with Smoke Free Zones (23.15 KB)

NSW State Legislation

Manly Council smoking bans work in addition to the NSW Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 and the Tobacco Legislation Amendment Act 2012, as our existing smoking bans are broader in coverage than those of the State in some areas – eg beaches, alfresco dining. The State Legislation has introduced bans in areas Council did not cover – eg ferry wharves and 4 metres of an entrance to a public building.

History to Manly Council’s Outdoor Smoking Bans

Council’s initial resolution 17 May 2004 was to ban smoking on:

  • Manly's ocean and harbour beaches;
  • Within ten metres of all children's playground areas under Council's care;
  • On all Council playing fields and sporting grounds; and
  • For all events run or sponsored by Council.

18 October 2004 Council extended the smoking bans to include:

  • Areas within 10 metres of the entrances to Council owned or managed buildings, as well as balconies or covered areas of those buildings;
  • Al fresco dining areas on public land; and
  • That this policy be enforced in any leases, licences or other estates of Council owned and managed lands and properties.

23 April 2007 Council again extended the smoking bans to include:

  • within bus shelters and Council owned parking stations.

19 November 2007 Council resolved to ban smoking:

  • On Council land within ten 10 metres of any public hospital building or boundary.

Manly Council Smoke Free initiatives

  • The development of the Smoke Free Zones Logo, which is available for other Councils to use (see Resources)
  • The publishing of a list of all Manly cafes and restaurants with smoke free outdoor areas.
  • Making Manly Swim Centre a Smoke Free Zone.
  • Operating all Council’s events, including the annual International Jazz Festival and the Manly Food and Wine Festivals as smoke free events.
  • The inclusion of smoke free clauses in all Outdoor Eating Approvals with cafes and restaurants with alfresco dining on Council land.
  • Promotion of the bans through Council’s Safe Summer campaigns, Council publications, Council stationery, loudspeaker announcements on Manly Beach and promotion of events.
  • The use of different types of signage methods including banners, public transport, flyers, stenciling, stickers, bookmarks, posters, sandwich boards.
  • Measurement of our resident’s awareness and support of the smoke free bans via annual surveys.  Public awareness and support of the bans has averaged at 92% over past 7 years.
  • Surveys post implementation of the smoke free alfresco dining and the analysis of the growth of alfresco dining on Council land.
  • Contribution to the design of a Smoke Free Outdoor Areas: A Resource Kit for Local Government.
  • Participation on the Smoke Free Outdoor Areas Working Party and providing advice and information to various NSW, Australian and overseas Councils and other organisations. 
  • The establishment of website with information on the Manly, Mosman and Warringah Councils smoke free initiatives and links through to their Council websites.

More Information

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