Tree Development Application

The Manly Local Environment Plan 2013 (5.9) applies to all trees in the Manly LGA. It is illegal to remove or prune any trees on public land, parks, bushland reserves or foreshore areas.

Penalties apply for breaches of the Manly Local Environment Plan 2013 (5.9).

Note: the Tree DA Form and Tree DA Fact Sheet are available for download as pdf below.

For trees on your property:

  • You require a tree permit to remove a tree that is over 5 metres in height
  • You require a tree permit to prune more than 10% of the existing canopy of a tree over 5 metres in height.

Note: There are a number of species exempt from the Manly Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 2.3.

For a tree permit to be granted, it must fit the criteria under the Manly Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 2.3.

Council may consider granting a permit to remove a tree under certain conditions, including when:

  • A tree is considered by Council to be dangerous, dying or diseased
  • A tree is growing within 3 metres of a structure and proving to cause obvious damage to houses, buildings or sewage system. Council may request further evidence in such cases.
  • A tree is causing an acute illness or allergic reaction and a claim can be supported by a (specialist doctor) medical certificate and Council is satisfied that the specific tree is the primary cause of the problem or
  • A property has been over planted and the removal of the tree/trees will be to the benefit of the remaining trees

Council may consider granting a permit for additional pruning (i.e. more than 10% of existing canopy) under certain conditions, including when:

  • A tree has been subject to storm damage or repeated branch shedding
  • Limbs are overhanging dwellings
  • Limbs cause vision obstruction or other hazards

A tree permit will not be granted on the grounds of natural processes such as shedding bark, fruit or leaves, to improve a view and/or unsubstantiated fears about large trees.

Council consent will not be given for removal of trees for damage caused to paths, fences, general drive ways and footpaths. However, if you can supply information to structural problems this may be considered.

Tree Permit Development Applications

If the tree permit development application is paid for and received by Friday of that week,  the inspection will normally be carried out the following Wednesday from 9:30am - 2pm.

If the situation is urgent this needs to be registered with the customer services officer at the time of application. Council can usually accommodate the appointment time that you request unless already scheduled. The time of your appointment will be confirmed by the Parks Officer.

A flat fee applies for a tree permit application available on Council's fees and charges schedule - this is non-refundable. Payment can be made by cheque (this may be posted along with your application), money order, eftpos or cash over the counter at:

1 Belgrave St, Manly
8:30am - 5:00am, Monday to Friday

Please make sure you read the Tree DA Fact Sheet before lodging your application. If you have a Development Application lodged or intending to lodge an application, this should be stated on the application form.

Note: Information contained on this page is a summary only of the Manly Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 2.3 and must be read in conjunction with the Tree DA Fact Sheet.