Waste & Recycling

Manly Council’s Waste & Recycling Services

The following information is provided for all residents in relation to the comprehensive range of waste and recycling services provided by Manly Council. 

Manly Council provides a range of services to help residents manage and reduce their waste. Information on how to avoid, reduce, recycle and dispose of household waste and recycling is outlined below.

 clean up








General Clean Up - Online Booking and FAQ's


Residents can book up to (2) general clean up collections each year online. Booked general clean up collections will only be collected on Wednesdays. Clean up bookings are limited. Please refer to the calendar in the online booking form for available dates. 









Waste collection dates & services

Find out when to put your waste and recycling bins out for collection. Check out our recycling guide to make sure you recycle right!









How can I reduce and manage my waste?

There are lots of simple and easy ways to reduce the amount of waste you throw away. The waste put in your gargabe bin goes to landfill so its important to minimise this whenever possible. Learn how to love food and hate waste; recycle food waste at home using a compost bin or worm farm; have a garage sale and more waste saving tips here. 








e-Waste & hazardous waste

E-waste and hazardous waste is not accepted in Council's general clean up collections. Find out where you can take your e-waste, household chemicals, batteries, mobile phones and more for safe disposal and recycling.









Litter & illegal dumping

Reducing litter and illegal dumping in Manly is a challenging task. With your help we can make a real difference. Find out how to report illegal dumping; how to get involved with relevant community groups and learn about Council's innovative Litterguard program here.