Waste Collection Dates & Services

The following information is provided for all Manly residents in relation to the comprehensive range of waste and recycling services provided by Council.  

Council provides a holistic waste and recycling collection service to maintain a clean environment, maximise the collection of recyclable material and minimise waste going to landfill. 

Waste Collection Dates

Your waste and recycling collection dates are determined by which waste zone your property is in. To find out your waste zone check the waste zone map or refer to the 'Manly Council Waste Collection Zones By Street' document.

To request a hard copy of your waste collection calendar, please contact Manly Council’s Customer Service on (02) 9976 1500 or email your request to records@manly.nsw.gov.au

Waste Collection Services

We need your assistance to provide an efficient and effective service. Please note:

  • Bin lids must be closed, bins must not be overfilled (max 70 kg)
  • No building or hazardous waste may be placed in the waste or recycling bins
  • Bins must be presented prior to 5am on the scheduled collection day and returned to private property promptly after collection

Garbage Collection

  • Garbage is collected from households weekly. 
  • There are many ways to reduce the amount of general waste that goes into this bin, have a look at our How I can reduce and manage my waste page for some practical ideas.

Recycling Collection

Please refer to your waste collection calendar for details on when to put your recycling bins out for collection.

Your recycling efforts make a difference to the environment by saving water, energy and other natural resources, so make sure you recycle right!

Waste calendar

What to Do With Extra Recycling

Residents are encouraged to place all recycling within a wheelie bin for collection. Larger or additional recycling bins are available from Council. To request one please email records@manly.nsw.gov.au or call (02) 9976 1500.

If required, extra recycling may be placed next to your bin for collection in the following manner:

  • as a reasonable one person lift of less than 16 kg
  • in rigid plastic containers such as crates or bins
  • vegetation in bundles of up to 1m x 0.6m tied securely with compostable string
  • branches may not exceed 75mm in diameter

Extra recycling, including paper, containers and vegetation, can also be taken to Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, tel. (02) 9486 3512.

Vegetation recycling bins are available for units and townhouses and single dwellings. To request a vegetation recycling bin for your unit or townhouse, please complete the vegetation bin order form for multi-unit dwellings.

Recycling Near You

Check the Recycling Near You Website for a list of re-use and recycling options for various items such as furniture and clothing. 

General Clean Up Collections

From 1 January 2014 Manly Council residents can book a personalised general clean up collection online. For a details on the service and to book please refer to Council's General Clean Up - Online Booking page.

Regional Waste Solution

A new waste collection system will be phased in across the Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah areas to increase our recycling and keep costs to ratepayers down. For more information on the new system, please visit the SHOROC website.

Bin Repairs and Replacements

To request a bin repair or new bin please email records@manly.nsw.gov.au or call (02) 9907 2832.

Additional general waste bins are issued to residents only in exceptional circumstances and are subject to an additional domestic waste service charge. To request an additional bin please email records@manly.nsw.gov.au or call (02) 9976 1500.

Resident Vegetation Drop-off at Kimbriki

All households in the Northern Beaches and Mosman Council areas are provided with dedicated vegetation bins collected by Council.  The vegetation drop-off at Kimbriki provides residents with an occasional disposal option for excess amounts of vegetation generated at home. The councils pay Kimbriki the advertised gate fees for this service. To  maintain the service, and to ensure it is fair to all ratepayers, residents dropping off vegetation under this arrangement are advised of the following restrictions:

  1. Vehicles are limited to cars, station wagons, utes or trailers with less than 300 kg with proof of residency. (These weights are generally what is carried in a full standard box trailer) No trucks or other vehicles of any kind. Proof of residency includes a Northern Beaches Council parking sticker, a driver’s licence, or Council rates notice.
  2. Vehicles are entitled to one vegetation drop off on any given day.
  3. If your load is over 300kg you must pay the full amount, not just the portion you are over. We understand you don’t weigh your vegetation when loading so some leeway will be given for loads close to these weights (eg +/- 5%). The NSW EPA requires that all waste entering Kimbriki must be accurately accounted for.  Dividing weighbridge transactions once completed adds complexity, time and cost and consequently is prohibitive and can not be accommodated. 
  4. Trade vehicles are excluded. However, arrangements can be put in place to register a trade vehicle for a resident’s own occasional use. Please see Kimbriki Reception for details.

Should you have any questions regarding these restrictions, please contact us 1300 434 434