weedsInvasive species, such as weeds, are a serious threat to the native biodiversity
of Australia.

Weeds invade natural landscapes, waterways, and agricultural land. Bushland is under threat because weeds compete with native species, leading to the demise of many native plants that are essential for the survival of our native wildlife. Many of Australia's noxious weeds were introduced deliberately, often as  garden ornamentals. 

Noxious and environmental weeds

A noxious weed is a plant that poses a problem to human health, the environment, livestock or agriculture and has been declared by the Minister for Primary Industries under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993

Noxious weeds legally must be controlled or removed. Control
requirements for noxious weeds are as follows:-

  • Class 1 - State Prohibited Weeds. "The plant must be eradicated from the land and the land must be kept free of the plant."
  • Class 2 - Regionally Prohibited Weeds. "The plant must be eradicated from the land and the land must be kept free of the plant."
  • Class 3 - Regionally Controlled Weeds. "The plant must be fully and continuously suppressed and destroyed."
  • Class 4 - Locally Controlled Weeds. "The growth of the plant must be managed in a manner that reduces its numbers, spread and incidence and continuously inhibits its reproduction. For several Class 3 and Class 4 weeds there is an additional control requirement that "The plant must not be sold, propagated or knowingly distributed."
  • Class 5 - Restricted Plants. "The requirements in the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 for a notifiable weed must be complied with."

A full list of plants declared noxious in Manly can be viewed on the Department of Primary Industries website.

In addition to noxious weeds, there are many other plants that are considered ‘environmental weeds’ because of their ability to invade bushland areas and waterways

Responsibility for control of noxious weeds

All landowners in Manly are responsible for controlling the noxious weeds growing on their property. Noxious weeds can occur in residential gardens and on vacant blocks of lands. If allowed to establish the weeds can invade adjoining properties. Manly Council dedicates funding towards noxious weed control on Council land, including bushland reserves - however, there is a need for the wider community to help with noxious weed control to prevent weeds escaping from private properties back into bushland reserves.

If a noxious weed does occur on a neighbouring property council encourages residents to talk with their neighbour to resolve the issue. If a noxious weed is not maintained in accordance with its control requirements under the Noxious Weed Act then council can arrange an inspection of the property and take the appropriate actions to ensure the weed is controlled or removed.

Manly Council is also a member of the Sydney North Regional Weeds Committee. This committee was formed to combat weeds on a regional scale and is made up of land managers in the Sydney north region.

How can weeds be controlled?

Different weed control techniques are needed for different types of weeds e.g. vines, woody weeds, annuals etc. There is usually a non-toxic or low-toxicity method available for each weed species Regular follow up is also very important to ensure effective control of weeds.

For more information visit the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water page on Weed Removal.

More information

For more information on noxious and environmental weeds, contact the council's Bushland Officer by phoning (02) 9976 1500 or via email