Computers and printing

You will need a library card or guest ticket to use the computers or to print/copy.
Credit can be added to your library card or guest ticket via the kiosk on the first floor of the library.

 With your library card you can:

Why have a library card?

  • Library card holders can reserve a computer for two hours. Guest tickets are limited to 40 minutes.
  • Library card holders can print from home and then collect at the library (within 48 hours)
  • Library card holders can reserve a library PC from home in advance
  • Credit added to a library card remains on the card indefinitely. Guest tickets are valid for one day only.

Become a member today.

Booking a PC:

• Use your Manly Library card barcode and 4-digit PIN or password to reserve an available computer on level 1
• If no computers are available, use one of the iPads on level 1 to reserve the next available PC
• Book a computer ahead of time online (up to a week in advance, library card holders only)

• Library visitors without a library card need to collect a guest ticket from the reference desk on level one (PC sessions are limited to 40 minutes and ticket is valid for one day only)

Web printing:

• Use your library card or guest ticket to print documents to the cloud from anywhere and then release them from the library printer when you visit the library
• Documents are purged from our system after 48 hours and can't be recovered 

Print from your smartphone:

Using the Monitor Mobile printing app, smarphone users can select to print images or files from their phone and then release them at the photocopier.

Download the Monitor Mobile printing app for smartphones:

The app logo looks like this:
Monitor App logo

Once the app has been installed on the phone, you will need to scan the following QR code which will set you up for our print system:

Library print site QR for Mobile App

Paying for printing or copying:

• Credit needs to be added to a library card or guest ticket before documents can be released from the printer or for making copies
• It costs 20 cents per black & white A4 copy. Other printing charges can be viewed here.
• Use the kiosk on the first floor to add value to your card or ticket
• The kiosk accepts cash or card, but does not give change
• Library members can also pay for fines via the kiosk
• Scanning is free