Manly library card holders can borrow e-books and audiobooks through Wheelers, Bolinda Borrow Box and Overdrive. Digital magazines can be borrowed from Zinio. If you can't find what you're looking for using these services, try these other free resources

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Wheelers ePlaform brings you a range of the latest fiction and non-fiction titles from a range of best selling Authors.

Sign in by using your library barcode (X030..) and PIN (last 4 digits of your card). These can be set to be remembered to keep you logged in on your PC, tablet or smartphone


Finding titles
Search by keyword title or author, or browse by author, series, subject and new titles and a slew of categories, as well as only titles that are available.


You can borrow up to 5 titles for 21 days. Titles can be read online and saved in your browser cache for offline reading, without needing to download and have an Adobe ID. Alternatively, they can be downloaded to an app such as Bluefire, overdrive or Adobe  Digital editions on a PC to for reading.


Renewals, Reserves, and Returns
enewals cannot be performed on any of the ePlatform titles at this time


Reserves can be placed on any item that is on loan, with the date shown when the item is due. You will need to have an email address to be alerted when your title is ready for reading.


Returns can be done for any titles. From the my shelf screen you can select a title then choose return this title? Returns can also be done  if Overdrive is used as your reader by touching and holding a title to bring up  a menu to return items early. You can  return eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions by selecting items  and choosing Returned Borrowed item.


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Bolinda Borrow Box hosts eBook and eAudio titles from best selling Authors from  Australia and abroad, with apps for Android and Apple.

App  users will need to add Shorelink library before being able to borrow titles. To login use your library card number (X030...) and PIN (last 4 digits of your card) or your password. You will also need to add an email address.

Finding Titles
Once logged in you can search by keyword, Title, Author and Narrator. You can also browse by Adult, young adult and Children, as well as by new releases and top titles in the collection.

Selecting a title asks you to confirm your loan, when it be either downloaded to your app, or you will need to manually download to your PC with Adobe Digital editions. You can have 4 audio and 4 eBooks at a time for 21 days

Renewals, Reserves and Returns
Renewals can be done at anytime before an item is due,  and can be borrowed for an additional 21 days from the due date.

Reservations can be placed on any title, and you will receive an email or app alert notifying you when the title is   available to download.

Returns can only be performed through Adobe Digital Editions or another PC eReader. Titles  on a tablet or Smartphone cannot be returned early.


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The Shorelink Overdrive Collection 

offers you the Overdrive service to bring you over 1,200 eAudiobooks & eBooks from a range of best selling fiction titles and popular authors.

You need to be a library member to use this resource. To login simply use your library card number (X030...) and enter your PIN (last 4 digits of your card by default) or your password.


Required Software:

Overdrive media console is needed for desktop and mobile platforms. Check the compatability page to see which devices are able to use the service.

To use Overdrive you will need to get an Adobe ID, and if you want to download content to your device you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions.

Browse for popular, new, and recently returned titles, or search by preferred format . You can search by title, subject and author.

Items can be selected by add to cart, then proceeding to checkout when ready to download. Titles are loaned for 7 to 14 days each. You can borrow 3 items at a time. Once borrowed click download and open the link in the popup window if you are on a PC or MAC. eAudio books open in the media console, where you can select what parts you wish to download. This can be done anytime during the loan period.

If an item is on loan and you can reserve titles by selecting add me to the waiting list, entering you Library details and nominating an email address where you notified when ready. You have 72 hours in which you need to borrow the item before your reservation expires.

Both eBooks and eAudio titles can be returned early through both iOS an Android Smart phones & Tablets. Touching and holding on a title will bring up a menu to return an item early.

For Pre windows 7 users and Mac users,  you can  return eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions by right clicking (or control-click for Mac) an item and select Returned Borrowed item. Returning eAudio titles can be done through Overdrive’s Media  Console by closing to delete a title, then selecting Return/Delete.

Transfer to a device:

For eBooks

  • Plug your reader into the computer
  • Open Adobe Digital Editions in Library View
  • Select the title then drag & drop onto your reader.

For eAudio

Transferring of eAudio titles varies between computers, but for basic MP3 players:

  • Plug you device into the computer
  • Open Overdrive Media Console
  • Click on the title and click transfer, then follow the menu prompts to add it to your device.


Note: if you have and apple device such as an iPod, you will need to manually manage your music in iTunes to transfer your eAudio files.

   Overdrive transfer to device

Manly Library also provides free access to digital magazines for Library Members.

Zinio Icon Large

Zinio is your online eMagazine newsstand, with over 140 titles to choose from.

No checkout limits, and back issues are available.

Sign up

You will need your Library Card Number (X030...) if you wish to join Zinio online. First Time users will need to create an account via the e-magazine registration page (when the registration page opens look in the top right corner) - this is where you can choose which magazine(s) you want from our collection. You should automatically be taken to the next step, which is to register on the Zinio registration page - this is where your selected magazine will appear for you to download and read. You can use the same email address and password for both sites, which can be set to remember your details.

The registration process is designed to guide you through the process but if you are unsure, please watch this helpful tutorial video which explains how to register and use the service.

If you have any further questions please consult the user guide or contact the library


Once logged in you can search the collection by title, or alternatively browse the Shorelink collection by Genre.


Titles need to be borrowed through the RBdigital Shorelink site.This is for both PCs and Mobile devices. Once you have selected your title you will be taken to the Zinio Website to login again and complete your download. After downloading, these items will appear on your desktop reader or mobile app.

Renewals, Reserves and Returns


You do not need to renew or return your eMags. Most titles will take up between 20 -50 MB of space, and can be deleted when you no longer wish to read them. There are no reservations on upcoming titles, you will need to check for new issues.


 Zinio free magazines for library members

 Esquire Magazine

Other eBooks:

Tumblebook Library

The TumbleBook Library is an online collection of animated, talking picture books in English and other languages. The Learning Language books include a "Tumble Word Helper" which gives the pronunciation and translation of selected words in the story. The TumbleBook Library also includes reading comprehension quizzes, and educational games. Click on the link above for access. Access is also available from home.

Cannot find the book you want?

Why not try one of these free eBook & eAudio services:


For more information or assistance in accessing e-Books, try our Guide or phone Manly Library on (02) 9976 1743

If you are using a tablet such as an iPad, Android tablet, or Kindle Fire, you will find there are many applications for eBooks, eAudio and eMags. Below is a selection that will help use the library's collections, as well as free titles.

Overdrive icon Overdrive Media Console

Available for all platforms, reads eBooks (on apps) and eAudio

Kindle icon


Available for all platforms, used for any eBooks from Amazon 

Zinio icon


Available for mobile & desktop,  reads your Zinio eMags.

Librivox icon LibriVox

Available on Google Play and  iTunes

Available to download on a desktop PC, LibriVox also has free apps you can use to download or stream free eAudio books.

Calibre icon Calibre eBook Management  Calibre is free software that can not only manage your eBook collection on a PC, but can convert your DRM free eBooks between differing formats. Note: you can’t convert EBL or Overdrive books from their original format.

 Note: DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. This controls how long a borrowed Title can be used, and how many people can access a title.