Fire and Flood Safety

When it comes to fire and flood safety, you often don't get second chances.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety is everybody's responsibility. That's why Manly Council works with residents to promote continuing fire awareness.

Our Fire Safety objective is to achieve a level of fire safety in buildings that :-

  • Adequately warns
  • Protects
  • Affords the occupants a safe passage of egress from the effects of fire to open space.

Manly Council provide the necessary technical information and support needed in order to reach and maintain our objective of making fire safety a reality.

For more information about Fire Safety contact by phone on (02) 99761500.

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Flood Safety

Manly Lagoon Catchment

Warringah Council, in partnership with Manly Council, completed the Manly Lagoon flood study to define the current and future flood behaviour in the Manly Lagoon catchment. The Manly Lagoon Flood Study was adopted by Manly Council on the 2 September 2013. Manly and Warringah Councils plan on next developing the Manly Lagoon Flood Risk Management Study, which will outline what can be done to manage flooding in the Manly Lagoon Catchment.

Manly Local Government Area (excluding Manly Lagoon Catchment)

Manly Council is currently managing the Manly Local Government Area (LGA) Flood Study. If adopted by Council, the Manly LGA Flood Risk Management Study and Plan will follow. For more information, see this link!

 Emergency Contacts and Further Information

Northern Beaches Flood Warning and Information Network

A number of rainfall and water level gauges are located across the northern beaches which provide an indication if flooding is likely. Advice is also available on precautions you can take to minimise damage to your property or danger to you and your family members. For information, see this link.