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Manly Council has a responsibility to protect built, archaeological and natural heritage whilst also facilitating a connection between Manly’s present community and historic past.

Council offers a range of services ensuring the protection and restoration of built heritage whilst fostering the community’s awareness of local history. Links and descriptions to these services can be found below.

Enquires and Frequently Asked Questions

What does Heritage mean? What are the obligations of owners of Heritage listed properties?  And what renovations are possible? Answers to some of the more common questions regarding heritage items and development are available on Council's Heritage in Manly FAQs section. Please visit this section first before contacting Council.


Heritage is what we inherit from previous generations and is part of our national community and individual identity. Heritage can represent the past and identify how a place has developed into what it is today. Heritage does not have to be old it is anything that we value and identify as worth protecting to enjoy now and in the future.

The Manly area is rich in its cultural heritage, and includes parks, gardens and natural heritage, moveable, maritime, Aboriginal and the built heritage - all telling part of the story that is the historic development of the Manly Local Government Area.

The Council seeks to preserve the Manly LGA heritage and encourage sensitive management and conservation of heritage items both within public and private ownership. The PDF heritage brochure Heritage in Manly (7.34 MB) gives an excellent yet succient overview of Heritage in Manly.


thumb_Manly LEP 2012_70x70 

Current Heritage Identification and Associated Development Controls – Manly LEP 2013 and Manly DCP 2013.

The Manly Local Environmental Plan 2013 is the legal planning instrument that contains statutory heritage controls for development. The LEP also maps heritage items and conservation areas within Manly.

The Manly Development Control Plan 2013 further contains controls and guidance on any proposed development affecting any form of heritage fabric within Manly.


Local Studies70

Manly Library and Manly Art Gallery and Museum

Local Studies Collection – There are a number of resources available for those interested in local studies.

Local Studies Images – There are around 7000 images that document the history of the Manly area from the 1800s to the 1990s.

Genealogy - Manly Library has a number of resources available to anyone researching their family history.

Manly Art Gallery and Museum - The Museum focuses on the history of Manly and the Northern Beaches with changing, annual exhibitions.


Further Information on this page

Aboriginal Heritage - An external link to the Aboriginal Heritage Office website tasked with protecting, preserving, monitoring and long-term management of Aboriginal sites across the region.

Heritage Architectural Styles - A series of Council produced brochures aimed at assisting home owners renovating houses from specific architectural periods.

Heritage Grants - Manly Council offers Local Heritage Assistance Grants to home owners looking to carry out renovation works that add to the heritage value of buildings listed as items of heritage significance or in a conservation area in the Manly LEP 2013.

Heritage in Manly FAQ - What does Heritage mean? What are the obligations of owners of Heritage listed properties?  And what renovations are possible?

Exhibitions - A set of fascinating documents from ‘The Nature of Manly’ exhibition exploring the unique geology of Manly’s natural environment, the changes over time to its natural elements, animals and plants, and to the built environment.

Heritage Links - A list of useful external links to heritage topics and bodies.

Heritage Walks - PDFs and maps of local heritage walks offering an informative yet beautiful tour of Manly’s past, in the present.

Manly Cemetery Heritage - Manly Cemetery, situated in Griffiths Street, is one of the oldest cemeteries in Sydney that's still in use.