Manly Cemetery

Manly Cemetery, situated in Griffiths Street, is one of the oldest cemeteries in Sydney that's still in use.

The cemetery is divided into three sections; Church of England, Roman Catholic and General (i.e. other denominations). It was consecrated as a burial ground in 1865, and although burials now only take place in plots purchased years ago, ashes may still be placed in the Columbarium.


It was set apart officially by the Government in 1872 although some of the burials pre-date this time. Soon after Trustees were appointed to manage the cemetery and did so until 1969 when the administration was passed to Manly Council.

In January 2000 a columbarium was built by Manly Council at the cemetery. One Hundred and Forty Four niches were available for sale in the first stage wall of the columbarium, with three more stages planned. The final walls of the columbarium were completed in 2010.

Burial Registers

Burial Registers for the three sections of the Cemetery are held in Manly Council’s strong-room, and may be consulted in Manly Library Local Studies room on microfilm.

The names recorded in the handwritten Burial Registers have been transcribed, sometimes with difficulty, particularly in the case of the Church of England volume, which is in places almost indecipherable.

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For the Roman Catholic and General sections, information given may include some or all of: plot number, name and address of person who purchased the plot, name and last address of person buried, age, and date of burial (not date of death).

For the Church of England section, less information is given: date of burial, plot number, name of person.  Additional detail available for a Church of England burial may be available by contacting the Local Studies Librarian.

List of Names

Mayors Buried in Manly Cemetery

Finding Your Way Around

A majority of plots in the Cemetery have headstones. The attached maps give an indication as to which plots have headstones, and should help in the location of particular plots.
Click on the link to download the maps.

Cemetery Walk

With the assistance of members of the Ivanhoe Park Precinct Committee, Council’s Local Studies Librarian, and Terry Metherell of the Manly, Warringah and Pittwater Historical Society has compiled a Cemetery Walk.

The brochure highlights some of the most interesting graves.


If you are wishing to make an enquiry about the restoration or replacement of an existing grave or headstone please contact Council on either ph 9976 1500 or by email to