traffic SignCouncil provides a traffic management function to address a range traffic related issues.

These issues include:-

  • Crane approvals
  • Driveways
  • Street Closures
  • Pedestrian and bicycle facilities and safety
  • Street Name signs, Regulatory Traffic signs and Linemarking

Crane approvals

A permit must be obtained from Council prior to the placement of any crane on any Council land or on street. Council require at least 14 days notice to process crane permit applications.  Prior to applying for a crane permit the police Local Area Command must be notified and a police log number obtained. The application form for a crane permit is provided on this webpage or can be obtained from our Customer Service Centre.  The application form clearly states all conditions that must be met prior to the application being lodged ( these conditions include the preparation of traffic control plans and consultation with affected parties). Conditions that are not met may cause your application to be refused or delayed.   


Council's Driveway Specification is available the Customer Service Counter. The objective of the specification is to ensure uniformity in the design and construction of vehicle crossings in the local government area so that safe and convenient vehicular access to and from parking spaces on the property can be provided. The specification sets out all of Council's requirements in relation to approved contractors, applications, approval, supervision, design, construction and safety issues.

Street closures

For construction work a written request must be submitted to Council at least four weeks in advance. For local streets Council may give approval and will request that the applicant notify Police, RTA, Ambulance and effected residents. Where state roads are affected Council will first seek approval from the RTA and then assess the application. Several conditions are imposed on all approvals to ensure the work is carried out in an acceptable manner.

Street parties requiring street closures must be approved by Council. Applications for such street closures must be submitted at least two months in advance. Applications for other special events must be lodged with Council at least three months in advance. A condition for such events is Public Liability Insurance for a minimum $10M. Council will in addition impose other conditions for such approvals.

Traffic Management issues

Council is responsible for the investigation of Traffic Management issues. Some issues require the involvement of other stakeholders and the Manly Traffic Committee, which is comprised of Councillors, Council Technical Staff, STA, Police and RTA representatives. Recommendations from the Manly Traffic Committee are then forwarded to Council for resolution.

Street Name signs, Regulatory Traffic signs and Linemarking

Council is responsible for assessing the installation and maintenance of new and existing signs and linemarking.

Further information

For further information contact Traffic Engineering Staff by phoning (02) 9976 1500 or email